Sunday, March 20, 2011

Oh, My! What Have I Done?

By Dan Perin
I started this blog because of my concern for conditions affecting humankind from my local community, to the state, country and world.  It just seemed to me no one was paying attention.  Perhaps the lack of attention was due to the numbness created by the overwhelming assault from “news” organizations.  We have gone from the print media—newspapers and magazines—to radio, television and now the Internet with all its variations of blogs and social media. 

Since beginning to write my own thoughts and to share those of the co-administrator of this blog, I have found headlines from newspapers, magazines and the Internet news services bombarding me even more than before.  I am almost immobilized by the number of issues clamoring for my attention.  It is impossible to report on them all.  Of course, that is not even the goal of the blog, but even so, I cannot help but be aware of how many issues are confronting all of us.

Lloyd even suggested I develop a rating code for articles so readers could quickly zero in on those of particular interest.  That only made the self-inflicted pressure even worse!  What I finally came to in my own thinking was that none of us can do all things or be all things to all people.  Nothing new about that!  But it is a realization I had to come to if I was to maintain my own sanity in regard to the challenges we all face. My pile of newspapers, magazines and prints of Internet resources continues to grow and I now realize some will just never find their way into my articles!

So, even though the headlines assault my senses with unending pressure to “Write about me!  Write about me!” I am going to try to sit back and let some inner filter of my consciousness move me to select the issues that most suit me.  Lloyd, of course, will do the same.  The result, I hope, will find a receptive mind and heart out there.  I would welcome any suggestions readers might have as to how best to negotiate the need to critique what is happening out there while maintaining a balanced inner life.

What Can WE All Do?  If not enough of us are paying attention to political and social issues, then WE can make it a point to choose an issue close to our own interest and get with others of like mind.  Formulate research and action groups who can get the issue before the people who can DO something about it.

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