Wednesday, April 13, 2011

The “Birther” Craziness Is Just the Beginning!

By Dan Perin

I don’t know about you, but I am sick and tired of the &%@! Birther” crap!

This non-issue and the folks trumpeting it so loudly all over the political spectrum is capturing the attention of the generally poor, often uneducated and those seldom involved in the real political process.  You cannot be “educated” and believe the nonsense that Barack Obama was not born in the United States, unless you think that Hawaii is not a state or a commonwealth territory.  It is so ridiculous that we must look beyond the obvious to figure out exactly what is going on in current politics.  It is much more than the Birther movement.  That is simply the door that opens onto more dangerous behavior on the part of radical politicians.

Here is what is happening: 1) lying, 2) intentional deception, 3) racism and bigotry, 4) opportunism, and much more.  So let’s examine what is going on here (if you give a damn!)

1)                 The only way the birth of Obama could become an issue is that the Big Lie was pushed so hard and so long that it became the supposed “reality.”  Anyone can get a certified copy of his/her birth certificate from any state in which they were born.  No state will remove from its historical records the actual birth certificate and give it out to anyone!  For that matter no actual legal record will be released other than as a certified copy to anyone requesting such information.
2)                 Intentional deception comes about when someone presents a set of “facts” purported to be one thing, when in fact, they know them to be something else.  The Republican Party is complicit in this deception.  They discovered that a significant number of the general population seemed to be gullible enough to believe the propositions presented to them (for example, the “death panels” during the health reform debate).  After that there has been no limit on the things they have offered as facts.  Of course, how can we leave out Senator Kyle’s remark that 90% of Planned Parenthood funding went to providing abortions, when it actually was more like 3%?  His explanation:  It wasn’t intended to be a factual statement.  Can’t be much clearer than that!
3)                 Racism may be a little more difficult to prove, but my personal experience with actual persons has shown me that it definitely exists.  The Southern Poverty Law Center has documented many of the publicized racial comments.  For some people in this country, not only in the South, there is just no way that a black man is smart enough on his own to be President.  That reasoning leads one to believe he is the “tool” of radical elements bent on turning the country socialist. So we engaged in a real battle against an imagined enemy.
4)                 Opportunism, on the other hand, is easily recognized in the political climate today. For beginners, consider the Koch brothers. They are pouring millions of dollars into political coffers in order to influence elections and economic policy.  There are supposed altruists out there who just cannot believe that anyone would do such a terrible thing in our “wonderful” country.  Did I mention gullibility? Consider that even other countries recognize this farce.  Every politician seems to want his/her fifteen minutes of fame.  The Supreme Court, now largely a Conservative Republican front, has made it possible for corporate money to flood the election process without having to identify sources.  That is how the newly elected Republican governors of Wisconsin, Ohio, New Jersey and others are able to propose the union-busting legislation that they have.  Reasonable people have seen this for what it is and are responding with recall petitions.

We have much more at stake in the political climate today than simply the Birther idiots.  We have an increasing number of people who are genuinely upset with the way things are today . They are ready to believe just about anything that seems to salve their anger.  They are ready to support even the most ridiculous of arguments because they are fed up and not gonna take it any more!  Well, I’m fed up too, but I refuse to believe the baloney being shoved down our throats by the Republicans and their cronies.  Let’s get real before it is too late.

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