Monday, April 4, 2011

The Crucifixion of Christ, American Style

As Easter approaches it seems fitting to reproduce here an article written in 2005 and rediscovered by Lloyd in his abundant files of “things to be remembered.”  This is a long article, but I think you will find it not only appropriate to our current time—considering the political and religious craziness running rampant—but also it may provide a mirror allowing each of us to take a good look at ourselves, our beliefs (or lack of them), and our priorities. (With thanks to the author and Information Clearing House)   -- Dan

By Jerry Ghinelli

08/29/05 "ICH"
-- -- “For God so loved the world...” he returned his only begotten son to the land where he shed his grace on thee.

Vindication for the faithful, rejoicing for the true believers, it was the second coming of Christ—and he was coming to America. Not to bring Armageddon, but to save mankind from Armageddon.

Jesus will make his first appearance at the intersection of the streets appropriately named “Liberty” and “Church” in New York City, located at what has come to be known as “Ground Zero.”

Lower Manhattan was virtually shut down as millions of the faithful and curious flooded the streets to get a glimpse of the second coming of their lord and savior.

Even the New York Stock Exchange suspended trading as the crowds swelled from the Battery to midtown Manhattan. The joy and hope that Christ was bringing was palpable—breathtaking, you might say—in the near carnival-like atmosphere that was created in lower Manhattan.

Songs like “Amazing Grace” and “Jesus Christ Superstar” played from loudspeakers where the Twin Towers had once stood. American flags and crosses were everywhere.

Martin Luther King’s “dream” was now a reality, as black men and white men, Jews and Gentiles, Protestants and Catholics, young and old, "red staters" and "blue staters," even atheists and agnostics, all joined hands in love and friendship at this celebration of the second coming of the Prince of Peace.

The media frenzy was unprecedented.

It was “all Jesus all the time”: round-the-clock coverage as priests, rabbis, and even an ayatollah appeared as expert commentators to explain what this all meant and what we should think.

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