Friday, July 29, 2011

The Debt Ceiling

By Daniel Perin

I am just too friggen mad to even write any more about the stupidity and economical ignorance of the Tea Party.  I wish they would take their damn tea bags and go home.  If the rest of us are lucky, they WILL be voted out of office in 2012 (probably along with Obama).  God help us given the “choices” we have as alternatives.  It is completely clear now that there are no moderates left in either the Democratic or Republican parties.  When faced with serious problems nothing great was ever accomplished in this country without the help of the moderates who remained poised in the midst of the chaotic ranting of the extremists.

Even if there is an eleventh hour agreement on the debt ceiling, it is too late.  The markets, which are the backbone of our economic structure, are already taking steps to steel themselves against the nearly certain recession that will be the result of not paying the bills we have ALREADY created, but now some think we shouldn’t pay.  REMEMBER, the debt ceiling has nothing to do with new expenditures.  It is strictly to pay for the expenses created mainly in the last ten years, and more specifically, in the eight years of President Bush’s terms in office.  (Two wars, Tax cuts for the rich, and a Medicare drug program—none of which did the Republicans raise money to pay for!)

I sincerely hope that if the economy falls the first to go are the sixty or so Tea Party Republicans who are bringing this default about.  They aren’t on Social Security (probably) and they will continue to get their Federal salaries as representatives, so I guess they have nothing to lose.  On the other hand, I DO have something to lose.  When the Bush economy tanked in 2008 I lost more than 20% of the small retirement funds I had been able to gather the last eleven years of my working life.  That was on top of another 20% lost in an earlier downturn.  Even though I have restructured my retirement, it is my Social Security check that pays my bills.  My retirement allows me a few “extras” like gasoline for short trips, basic television and Internet service.  I do not feel poor, but I do feel threatened by ignorance, because it will affect me and already has.

Well, I guess I did still have a few words about the Tea Party!  I am sure it is clear that I hold strong resentment to what their naivet√© is creating.  I personally know some Tea Party followers and am constantly dismayed about their apparent lack of awareness of the broader picture of the problems of our country.  Yes, we spend too much.  Yes, it needs to be fixed.  Yes, Social Security, Medicare and Medicaid need restructuring.  And yes, let’s get the hell out of all the wars and special military bases all over the world, and continue closing extraneous military installations all over this country.  Yes, that means even in YOUR Congressional district just like mine.

But to not honor the debt we already created?  That is NOT an option.  Try not paying your credit card bill, just once.

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