Tuesday, July 12, 2011

The Last Stand (or Fall)

By Daniel Perin

Well, here we are again.  Thanks to the Tea Party crazies who believe the government can fail to pay its obligations and still survive.  Listen!  Try not paying your rent and see what it gets you.  Tell your bank you aren’t going to make the car payment this month because the auto manufacturer wastes materials in building them or the car doesn’t get good mileage.  Quit paying for your health insurance. (You can then depend on the hospital emergency room, which is required by law to take care of you whether you can pay or not.)  Of course, if you go that route the hospital will soon close and the doctors will be out of work.

Here’s a thought.  You could quit adding debt to YOUR credit card and begin paying down the balance until your finances are under control again.  (Personally, I learned this lesson years ago.  I have no debt and do not incur it if I do not have the means to pay it off.)  Sure, it would be nice if government acted this way and the issue must be addressed.  But this game of mutual Russian Roulette that our politicians are playing can have only one consequence—the gun will eventually fire the fatal bullet.  The way it looks right now the bullet is aimed at me and all the other Social Security recipients, the men and women in the military, and all others dues to receive a check from the government after August 2.  Shall I tell my landlord that there will be no rent payment until my check arrives? 

I have absolutely no use for the Republicans (and many weak fish Democrats) especially now that they are controlled by the Tea Party element.  It is sheer folly to believe that we must utterly destroy our country and raze it to its foundation in order to bring order.  The problem is way too big for such simplistic remedies.

You guessed it.  The self-serving political hacks that are Republicans raised the white flag of surrender on raising the debt ceiling.  Now for the small print: 

To shirk their open responsibility, they are proposing to simply let President Obama raise the debt limit on his own, while they present a plan in Congress to vote to “disapprove” of his action.

There you have it!  The catastrophe is averted, but not resolved.  Perhaps we could hope for some real action on resolving our economic policy problems now that the fire is turned down a bit.  Take a deep breath and forget about it.  Frankly, I think the only way we will be brought to our senses is to be brought to our knees in economic collapse.  I hold no hope for effective legislation as long as there are enough Republicans in office to thwart any meaningful effort to have an intelligent conversation about the needs of our society.

Okay, you can resume breathing for now, but keep the oxygen handy.

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