Saturday, August 20, 2011

The Great Flabbergasting

By Daniel Perin

A summary of the list of Republican ideas they originally proposed but voted against as soon as President Obama agreed with and promoted such legislation. Presented by The Rachel Maddow show on August 19, 2011 on MSNBC.  You can find the whole segment here:

1.             A bi-partisan debt commission
2.             “Pay As You Go” rules in Congress
3.             Cap & Trade legislation (Even supported by Sarah Palin and McCain)
4.             Individual mandate in health care (as early as the 1990s & by Romney in Massachusetts)
5.             Immigration and border security proposals (McCain proposal in 2006 that he won’t support now even though all Republican conditions have been met)
6.             The DREAM Act originally proposed by Senator Orin Hatch and eventually co-sponsored by McCain and thirteen other Republicans)

Regarding the border security proposal conditions by Republicans:  a) need more deportations; b) increase security forces.  Actual deportation history:
1892     - 2801 deported
2008     - 359,795 (under Bush)
2009     - 395,165 (under Obama)
When Rick Perry entered the Presidential race he said we needed drones patrolling the border.  Texas with the longest border with Mexico of any state, yet Perry apparently didn’t realize that drones had been patrolling the border since 2009.

Finally, exasperated at Republican “flabbergasting,” President Obama issued an Executive Order suspending deportations and requiring a review of 300,000 deportations awaiting resolution.

ONE POINT IS VERY CLEAR from this review, and various Republican leaders have stated it directly and indirectly:  Nothing is more important than making Barack Obama a “one term President.”  What kind of representation is this?

No bones about it.  We have a broken government and both parties have played their inept and shortsighted roles, but clearly the Republican policy of personal attack and legislative road blocking is the primary reason so little has been done about our economic challenges.  Oh, and WHERE IS YOUR JOB PLAN, Rep. Boehner and Sen. McConnell?