Saturday, October 15, 2011

To My Senator and Representative in Congress

I have written to both of my Senators and urge you to do the same.  We MUST stress the importance of changing the way our government operates in order to return to responding to the people, not the MONEY.-- Dan Perin

Honorable Sir/Madam:

We are all aware of the Occupy Wall Street protests taking place all over the country, and indeed, the world.  Hopefully, this will be more than an inconvenience to the corporate elite and the political bureaucracy in Washington, DC. 

I am writing to let you know how strongly I feel YOU must be part of the answer to the issues raised by those in the streets who have had enough of politics as usual.  It is the huge sums of money being poured into political coffers by the richest persons and corporate entities that is the major reason politics is corrupt and the people’s voices are drowned out.  When our voices will not be listened to, we have no choice but to rally in the streets and demand that you listen.

I am sure you are aware of the most recent polls that show for the first time ever in polls that a majority of us would vote even our own senators and representatives out of office if ALL could be voted out.  We feel that starting from scratch could not be any worse than continuing with the failure of our current representatives to actually listen and respond to our needs.

I am sharing an article I recently posted on my blog, Insight and Outsight, about what we might expect from the Occupy Wall Street protests.  I urge you to view it and take to heart the need to act as never before to right the ship of State.

There are people who have ideas worthy of consideration.  I urge you to listen to them and seriously examine how you might better represent me and your other constituents in this time of crisis. One among them is Lawrence "Larry" Lessig, a director of the Edmond J. Safra Foundation Center for Ethics at Harvard University and a professor of law at Harvard Law School.

Thank you in advance for listening and acting on our behalf.

Daniel J. Perin

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