Sunday, November 11, 2012

Follow Up To The Enlightened States of America

Well, I certainly hit a nerve when I posted this article!  I have had well over 200 hits on it so far from all over the world and still counting.  I also had a long comment in response that took the opposite position.  I did not post the comment because I am reluctant to post anonymous comments (a personal preference).  I do not post to anyone’s blog or web pages anonymously because I am willing to stand behind what I believe and say, and to correct my writing if I am proven to misrepresent facts.  (We each have a right to our beliefs, but not to our own FACTS.)

It should be understood that the article is not original with me.  It has been around for quite awhile on other web sites and emails circulating.  As I said, that is how it came to me.  I did research its source before I reformatted and posted it on this blog.  It is obviously a caricature of the way things seem to be today in our political parties.  For the record, I am a registered Independent and for the most part don’t give a hoot about what the platforms of the Republican or Democratic parties are.  I AM concerned about the way politicians behave, however.  There is plenty of impropriety, ignorance and failure to represent constituents to go around.

I posted a response comment on my blog to the anonymously made comment and invited the person to identify the comment, which I would then post.

I for one hoped that once the election was over we could rally around the flag, so to speak, and try to get at solving the problems we face.  The sun had hardly risen before the obstructionist talk began again with Republicans.  What is it with you folks?  Is this country no longer worth working on to continue its excellence as “representative” government?  Even though each party has its own philosophy and priorities, our issues are not party oriented and should not be handled as if they were.  The problems are the economy, the social structure and the well-being of our citizens.  Positions can be stated and then the conversation can begin. Give and take is the only way we can successfully address these issues, and we better get at it NOW!

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