Sunday, December 16, 2012

Words Are Inadequate But Here Are Some Anyway!

This is one of those times that words simply fail to take meaningful form in my mind, let alone find their way to the keyboard of my computer.  It is not that there are no words.  It is that they are inadequate to in any way convey the brokenness of our hearts as a result of a week of horror.

We have been here before.  This is just the current story. This is not really a strange situation in that respect.  What seems strange to me in the face of the constant barrage of shootings, whether in the case of individual street warfare, or mass events such as the Newtown, CT first graders, is that as a society we briefly mourn and then go on about our business.

Oh, there will be the usual point/counter point arguments presented about guns and our “right” to own them, but in the end it is most likely we will hide in the shadows of our fear to speak out and act in a responsible way to do anything to change our maladjusted mentality that accepts this stupidity.

Unfortunately, I just find myself getting angrier as I write these words.  That is what I mean when I say words are inadequate to convey my utter despair.  Anger, like grief, often tends to dissipate over time.  When that happens we return to our “normal” lives.   Normal seems to mean we can ignore doing anything about the “past.”  You know, the “past” that was a few days ago.  Not good enough. 

There is a societal sickness that pervades much of our land.  There are many aspects to that sickness—economy, social insecurity, family breakdowns, and more.  But there are lights that shine in the darkness of these horrific events.  There are those we call “heroes.”  There are always the “helpers” present.  Mr. Rogers, is credited with telling how his mother told him to “look for the helpers” when something terrible happens.  Thank God for those who rise to the occasion against all personal odds.

What about the rest of us?  I am not against gun ownership.  I am against stupidity, which I find rampant in many of the arguments supporting the ownership of weapons of mass destruction like the multiple round assault rifles.  The fear that government will take away your guns has led to a massive increase in gun sales.  Sales often spike following a tragedy for no other reason that there is a fear a new law will prevent you from buying a gun.  Get over it!  We are not going to change the Constitution.  We are probably not even going to deliberate about ways in which to protect those rights and at the same time remove unnecessary weapons from ownership.

I hope I am wrong.  But a society that has to be allowed to take guns into schools, libraries, national parks and almost every other public place is definitely lacking in common sense or personal security. My goodness have we returned to the wild west where we don’t feel dressed without our Colt 45 (or Glock) strapped to our side?  Sadly, I am afraid I believe the need for bigger and more powerful guns simply represents penis compensation.  Go ahead, “Make my day!”

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