We all have or need to make an investment in keeping The American Dream alive.  The dream is that we can start at the bottom of the economic ladder and through hard work and education achieve a comfortable, safe, secure and healthy life in an open democracy supporting a political and economic system that includes everyone.

Thus the blog will be "What are the current realities in our society that seem to be blocking or encouraging our fulfillment as complete individuals living collectively?" (Whether we like it or not.)

This blog encourages clear-eyed examinations of our current personal, domestic, and foreign situation.  This means deconstructing some of the myths that trap us into a dangerous myopia but also encouraging optimistic movements that offer solutions to complex problems.  To make intelligent decisions we need accurate information, information that is neglected or deliberately ignored or intentionally skewed by the corporate controlled mass media.  We hope you will join us in this pursuit of criticisms, praises, information, that will lead to "liberty and justice for all."

Therefore it is a mission of Insight & Outsight to research, develop and share positions on politics, policy and the economic questions facing our nation.  The authors seek to bring a balanced understanding to these issues.  The opinions stated are our own and do not represent any political party or partisan organization.  Reader comments are invited.